Video Tutorials

This page contains short video tutorials and explanations that will help you learn how to use technology and iPad applications in the most effective way.

How to make a video using Splice App for iPads, iPods, or iPhones

How to make a blog on Blogger!

How to use Dropbox!

Fotoflexer for placing yourself in an image!

How To Use Evernote

How To Use Evernote Webclipper

How to use Skitch

Thinking about trying "The Flipped Classroom", try out "Show Me" app for the iPad so you can show your students what you taught in class today!

How to create a wordle (unfortunately wordles cannot be made on the iPad through you must use the computer)

Make a Storybook Using Kerpoof

  • Students can create their own storybooks in Kerpoof. They use backgrounds, props and characters or draw their own illustrations to add to the pages in their book. Students can write their story in both text boxes and/or speech bubbles. The sidebar has thumbnails of each page that has been created, making it easy to see student progress. Students can save their finished storybooks on their Kerpoof account to share with other students, download the finished book to their computer or print out their completed stories.

How to use the "Voice Dream Reader" app for iPads

How to make a graphic organizer on the iPad using "iMindMap HD"

"Stuck on Earth" tutorial for iPad

"Haiku Deck"- Great for presentations and has an app for iPad